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Dear Friends,

I am humbled and overwhelmed by the tremendous feedback I have received as a result of delivering the “Stop Singing and Answer God’s Call? reflection on October 2nd and 3rd. Putting up this website seems almost obnoxious to me, but it was built in response to numerous requests I have received to make electronic copies of this talk available online. Feel free to download and distribute copies of this talk to anyone who may benefit from hearing it (see the reproduction and distribution rules).

Here are a few of the comments people have so graciously shared…

“This is stuff you never hear from the pulpit… but you should. This talk was awesome.?

“This was the best sermon I have ever heard… in my entire life?

“Congratulations on your talk… that took a lot of guts?

“I just wanted to say that Brian's talk today on abortion was awesome. I looked around and everyone was listening and paying so much attention. I am having trouble saying exactly what was so great about it - because it all was so great- - it was just so informative, light and serious both and emotional. ?

Brian Seidel
Listen Now
Click on the play button below to listen to “Stop Singing and Answer God’s Call.? On most internet connections, it will take 30 to 60 seconds for the audio to start playing. The entire talk is less than 20 minutes long.

Download the File
This link will launch a new window and start downloading a high quality electronic version of this talk. This is recommended for large scale reproduction of this file (see the reproduction and distribution rules).

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